2022 Scholarship Winners Announced


May 12, 2022




The Merck Employees Federal Credit Union is proud to announce that it has awarded five (5) $5,000 scholarships to high school seniors in three (3) states—Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Each year MEFCU’s scholarship program attracts hundreds of applicants throughout the country. Applicants are required to be members of the credit union or a family member of a MEFCU member and to be in their senior year of high school.

The following five individuals were chosen from nearly 100 applicants located all over the United States:

  • Troy Boxton Jr.

  • Marisa Brown-Johnson

  • Alaina Steck

  • Kelly Xu

  • June Yin

“We wish these students great success in their next level of education. Their accomplishments, not just academic but in the community, are impressive and indicative of what is to come next as they continue their journey,” said MEFCU President/CEO Paul Gentile. “We are committed to maintaining this scholarship program as we work to do our small part to assist students with their higher learning aspirations.”

To learn more about the winners and their future plans, please see below.

Troy Boxton Jr. Attending: Morehouse College Major: Computer Science Minor: Game Design

Troy will attend Morehouse College majoring in Computer Science and minoring in game design. He will enroll in Morehouse's dual program to receive his Bachelor of Science and Masters in Computer Science.

"I am graduating a year early from high school and today, I was informed by my principal that I am being considered for Valedictorian this year. I hope I can live up to the title; however, I just want to pay it forward when I graduate college and I hope I can help many kids pursue their dreams," said Troy. "I am honored to be considered for this scholarship and will make great use of the funds once received to further my education. I hope to work for Google or Microsoft after I graduate college and start a nonprofit where I can offer inner city children a chance to learn how to code and program video games and other programs."

Marisa Brown-Johnson Attending: Cornell University Major: Human Development Minor: Health Policy and Computer Science

Marisa will attend Cornell University and looks forward to majoring in Human Development with possible minors in Health Policy and Computer Science.

"In my undergraduate career, I want to pursue research in studying human behavior from a neurobiological and sociological perspective. Long term, i want to get my Ph.D. in social epidemiology, pursue biomedical research and work in education policy reform," said Marisa. She continued, "I am very grateful to have received this scholarship from the Merck Employees Federal Credit Union. Generous scholarship such as this one allow students to lessen the burden and worry that university debit causes. This scholarship will significantly aid me in pursuing my academic passions freely, with reduced worry about the burdensome cost of tuition."

Alaina Steck Attending: University of Pennsylvania Major: Biochemistry

Alaina will attend University of Pennsylvania and was accepted into the Roy and Diana Vagelos Scholars Program in Molecular Life Sciences. She will major in Biochemistry and plans to pursue a career in research and medicine. Her career goals are to innovate potential therapies and treatments for those suffering from autoimmune disorders.

"The MEFCU Higher Education Scholarship Program assists many high achieving students like me get a jump start on higher educational goals in pursuit of long-term career goals and lifelong dreams. It provides younger people the opportunity to find a successful path by providing valuable tools and education needed to make the right decisions at the right time. MEFCU allows young people to grow and become financially responsible through ample education and exercises of financial stewardship and provides support and programs for navigating the financial challenges that lie ahead with higher education."

Kelly Xu Attending: Duke University Major: Biology

Kelly is attending Duke University and plans to major in biology while also exploring genetics and bioinformatics.

"At Duke, I hope to participate in cancer research and explore other interests such as dancing, learning new languages, venturing into data science, and (most importantly) meeting the campus-cat," said Kelly. "I've had a long-held interest in medicine, but I would like to explore as much as possible and see where life takes me." She continued, "I am beyond grateful to the Merck Employees Federal Credit Union for providing me with this wonderful honor and opportunity. Not only is the annual scholarship a chance for students to be rewarded for their hard work, but the essay topic also facilitates much-needed thought and discussion. Due to the credit union's dedication to improving the financial lives of its members and its commitment to helping young people achieve their dreams, I and other young scholars can pursue our passions in college without the pressure of paying full tuition."

June Yin Attending: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Major: Chemistry or another STEM field

June will attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology and plans to study chemistry or another related STEM field, as she hopes to save and improve lives by pursuing a career in drug discovery. June also looks forward to participating in research programs, recreational sports and art-related clubs at MIT.

Upon receiving the scholarship, June said, "I am extremely grateful and honored to have received this scholarship from the Merck Employees Federal Credit Union. This scholarship program is providing me and other students with financial support to pursue our educational and professional goals."

Merck Employees FCU would like to congratulate its 2022 Scholarship Program winners and wishes all winners and applicants the best as they continue their education and pursue their goals.

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