Merck Employees FCU’s Financial Literacy Challenge Highlights Importance of Financial Wellness


May 7, 2021



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Each year the month of April is a special time for your Merck Employees Federal Credit Union and credit unions all over the country as credit unions work together to do their part for National Financial Literacy Month. 

Merck EFCU offered a number of special initiatives during April, including a variety of webinars on key financial topics, as well as Financial Literacy Challenge for members to get better educated on financial topics with the chance to win a $250 gift card.

“One of our core tenets at the credit union is to assist our members in making sound financial decisions that will promote Financial Wellness. Unfortunately, financial literacy is still not part of the core curriculum at most schools so credit unions have taken on the challenge in filling this gap for the 120 million members credit unions serve nationwide,” said Merck Employees Federal Credit Union President Paul Gentile.

During April, the credit union saw many members take on the Financial Literacy challenge and complete the special Financial Literacy online learning module at the credit union’s Financial Wellness Center. Of that impressive group of members that worked to improve their Financial Wellness, the following 10 members won a $250 gift card: Morgan Boderick, Jimeng Jiang, Maria Howard, Brian Morgan, Megan Keller, Shrinivas Murti, Mark Petrich, Dorothy Wolf, Sheryl Olinsky Borg and Charlie Maupin.

For one winner, Sheryly Olinsky Borg, the challenge highlighted for her that Financial Literacy isn’t just for those still in school — it’s vital for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to spend time learning about financial topics.

“As adults we need to continually learn about the latest best practices for financial health. And for those of us who are also parents, we have a responsibility to both maintain our own financial literacy and pass this knowledge to our children by modeling and openly sharing decisions regarding financial matters,” she said.

“Merck Employees Federal Credit Union’s Financial Wellness Challenge offers modules to help learn the basics of financial literacy in a fun and interesting way. I highly recommend anyone with any financial responsibility at home or at work as well as their children (which means EVERYONE!) take these modules,” said Olinsky Borg.

Members are encouraged to visit the Financial Wellness Center and are always invited to contact the credit union with any questions. Congratulations to the winners and all who participated in the Challenge!

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