Mortgage Scam Alert Targeting Credit Union Members


May 20, 2022




Credit union members across the country are being targeted by a postcard mail scam related to their credit union mortgages. Members of various credit unions have reported receiving the postcards in the mail, including members of Merck Employees Federal Credit Union.

The postcards, which indicate that the credit union needs to discuss an important matter regarding the mortgage, were NOT sent by the credit union. The credit union is not affiliated with these postcards and they should not be responded to by members.

There is fine print in the bottom right corner of the postcard which states, “All information provided by H.W.C., 844-926-2556. Not affiliated with, sponsored by, and loan information not provided by Merck Employees Fcu.”

Whether or not you have recently closed on a mortgage with Merck Employees FCU or not, companies from all over the world have the ability to purchase your information. Your first giveaway in this instance, is the mortgage ID number provided is not accurate.

Scammers will often pull what’s called the “phantom help” maneuver, where they’ll encourage you to reduce or even stop your mortgage payments while they work to lessen your costs (for a moderate fee, of course). Unfortunately, by the time you realize you’re being taken advantage of, the phantom helper is long gone.

Should one of these postcards end up in your mailbox, recycle it! DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER! Toss it and forget it. Remember, Merck Employees FCU, will not send notifications like this. If you are ever uncertain, contact us right away at 732-594-3317.

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