Home Banking (Shadow1)

“Your Shadow is Always Right by Your Side

Shadow 1 includes the web site, Home Banking, Bill Payer, Apply for Loans, e-statements and the telephone teller

Must be used with a Shadow 1* PIN

Use your Shadow 1* PIN to access Home Banking, Bill Payer, Apply for Loans, e-statements and the telephone teller

Home Banking allows you to get balances, make inquiries and transfers funds between your accounts and make a withdrawal by check.  You can retrieve copies of canceled credit union checks showing the front and back with the payee’s endorsement (available for 90 days after clearing)

  • You can apply for any loan or credit cards except for 1st mortgages
  • Bill Pay allows you to make payments to almost any creditor
  • Telephone Teller allows you to access your account information, make transfers and check withdrawals on your touch-tone phone
  • E-Statements

SHADOW 1* (Separate sign up required)

  • Registered Home Banking Users
  • New Home Banking Users with a Shadow 1 PIN register and follow the instructions above for Registered Home Banking Users
  • Not a Home Banking User?  Call 732-594-3317  or to apply for a Shadow 1 PIN in person stop at a branch office