Fee Schedule

Online Banking/Bill Payment Fee
A late fee equal to one and a half percent of any unpaid amount for insufficient funds for bill payments may be charged by the Service Provider 1.5%
ACH Return Fee $25.00
Request for Service Disclosures $20.00
                                                                                                  Share Draft Account Fees
Fee Description Fee Amount
Overdraft $10.00 per item
NSF $10.00 per item
Return item (Member Fee) $10.00 per item
Stop Payment $4.00 per item
Share Draft Printing Prices vary depending upon style
Automatic Transfer from Savings to Cover an Overdraft $1.00 per item
Microfilm Copy Draft (mailed) $3.00 per item
Microfilm Copy Draft (faxed) $5.00 per item
Other Service Fees (applicable to all account)
Account Reconciliation $20.00 per hour
Account Research $20.00 per hour
Statement Copy $2.00 per item
Deposited Item Return $10.00 per item
Wire Transfer Domestic (outgoing) $15.00 per item
Wire Transfer (incoming) $15.00
Money Order $1.00 each
Teller Checks No Charge
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
ATM Withdrawal/Transfer
Merck EFCU ATMs No Charge
Non-Merck EFCU ATMs $0.60 each
                                                Credit Union Membership
Membership Share $5.00 per value