Calls from the Credit Union or Merck & Co., What’s Real and What is Spoofing?

Merck Employees Federal Credit Union has received a few reports from members receiving a phone call that appeared on the caller ID to be from Merck but turned out to be another case of spoofing. Spoofing is where the call appears to come from a legitimate source. The caller claimed to be from the credit union or Merck And Co. and asked the member for secure information including their Social Security Number and Debit Card PIN Number. 

Please remember that Merck Employees FCU will never call you and ask for your Social Security Number or your debit card PIN.  Also, we cannot set your PIN over the phone, as one of the callers was claiming.  (PIN numbers for MEFCU debit cards are set by the member using an automated system that the member calls directly).

If you receive a call that appears on caller ID to be from Merck and Co. or Merck Employees FCU, please ask for the caller’s name and then call our main number 732-594-3317.  With the spoofing technology being used they can make it appear that they are calling from our number, but they cannot receive calls to it.  

This latest scam is a combination of spoofing (where the call appears to come from a legitimate source) and phishing (where the caller tries to get private information from the potential victim). 

If you believe you have received a similar call, please contact the credit union immediately at 732-594-3317.