Annual Scholarship Program

Annual Scholarship Program Now Accepting Applicants!

Merck Employees Federal Credit Union’s Annual Scholarship program is now live and ready to accept applicants. The annual program awards five $5,000 scholarships to high-school seniors moving on to the next stage of their higher learning journey. Applicants must be members of the credit union or their parents or guardians must be MEFCU members.

Due to covid-19 protocols and to ensure a seamless process, this year’s program will be done electronically. Applicants can complete the process at the following link.

Please note all applications are due by February 28, 2021. This annual program is just one effort your credit union takes to help young people with their education. We remain committed to improving the financial wellness of all our members through high-quality, low-cost financial products and services. Members can always improve their financial IQ by visiting our Financial Wellness Center here and learning about a variety of financial issues.

Below are the essay topics for 2021. Please choose one (1) and upload your essay as part of the application process.

Choice One The coronavirus epidemic has changed how we do business in this country. More and more services are being delivered virtually. Schools are educating students virtually. Businesses have more employees working remotely from home. There have been many negative economic consequences to businesses who are losing revenue and many educators say students may not gain as much educationally in a virtual environment As a young person moving on to the next phase of your higher education, what positives do you see from this new world of remote business and remote learning? While the negative impacts are well-known, what are some of the silver linings to the way the coronavirus has changed business and education?

Choice Two Many Americans today do not have enough savings to cover an unexpected $400 bill. Credit unions believe strongly in the need for financial education and the importance of saving. What message would you stress to help consumers understand why it’s important to save and get educated on their finances?

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