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New Fraud Reporting Platform for Consumers:


The Federal Trade Commission has launched a new website,, where consumers can easily report fraud and all other consumer issues directly to the FTC.

“Every time you report scams or bad business practices to the FTC, you’re helping to protect your community,” said Andrew Smith, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

At, you will find a streamlined and user-friendly way to submit reports to the FTC about scams, frauds, and bad business practices.

One new feature of the site is that consumers who file a report will receive next steps from the FTC with advice on what to do based on their particular report. The FTC has more information available for consumers, including a new video explaining how the site works.

Once completed, your report goes into the FTC's Consumer Sentinel database, which is available to more than 3,000 federal, state, and local law enforcement partners across the country. The FTC also uses reports to spot trends, educate the public, and share data about what is happening in your community. You can check out what is going on in your state or metro area by visiting

The site takes the place of the FTC Complaint Assistant, and consumers visiting that site will be redirected to to share their information. The site is also in Spanish at