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IRA Accounts



It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. Find the individual retirement account that is best for you from our variety of options. Open an IRA with Merck Employees FCU today and start enjoying one of the highest IRA rates around!

  • $200 minimum

  • The IRA account pays a dividend from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal

  • The credit union offers multiple types of IRAs including:

    • Traditional IRAs

    • Roth IRAs

    • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

  • Federally insured up to $250,000

  • Access to your account information online. Be sure to turn off pop up blockers to access all of the features in Retirement Central. Use our helpful document.

  • Open a new IRA or manage an existing IRA with Retirement Central

Open or Manage Your IRA with Retirement Central

IRA Certificates

IRA Certificates are also available as Traditional or Roth. Rates and offerings are subject to change at any time, so please check our rates page for more information on rates and terms available. 

IRA Certificates have a $2,500 minimum deposit and no maximum. The interest is paid at maturity. If any withdrawals are requested, the individual forfeits all interested earned. 

To open an IRA Certificate click here

Current IRA Certificate Offerings:

Product Rate APY
6 month Certificate*   3.85%     3.92%    
6 month IRA Certificate* 3.85%     3.92%    

Please note certificate offers and rates are subject to change at any time. 
*The minimum balance to earn dividends on certificates and IRA certificates is $2,500.00


Common IRA Account Requests

See also Retirement Central

  1. IRA Charitable Distribution Request (online process)

  2. IRA Charitable Distribution Request Form

  3. IRA Withdrawal Form (online process)


Please click the below items to access PDFs of the resources.

MAGI for for Regular Roth Contributions for 2022

Traditional IRA Deductibility Limits for 2022