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How To Protect Yourself from Scammers and 'Check Washing'

ABC News’ Whit Johnson shares new warnings about “check washing,” where criminals steal checks from the mail, remove the ink and then forge fake information to cash in the money. As a member of Merck Employees FCU, you should make yourself …

Credit union news

Member Appreciation Season Happening Now

Since 2019, the credit union has celebrated the loyalty of its members during the last few months of each year. Now in its fourth year, our Member Appreciation Season will kick off on October 1, with sweepstakes for some amazing giveaways like a 65" …

Ira news

RMD Formula Changing for the First Time in Decades

For the first time in 20 years, the Internal Revenue Service has updated its actuarial tables that dictate how much a person is required to withdraw from his or her retirement accounts starting at age 72. The new tables, which now project longer …

Ira news

IRS Changes Guidelines for Inherited IRAs, Causing Confusion and Pushback

This article is from the Wall Street Journal. Figuring out the most efficient way to navigate the tax impact of inheriting individual retirement accounts has become more complicated since the Internal Revenue Service issued proposed new rules in …

Credit union news

Get to Know Your Funds Availability Policy

Funds availability refers to when you can access money that you’ve deposited into your account to pay bills, make purchases, and cover everyday expenses. With some exceptions, money that you add to your checking or savings account isn’t always …