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Caution: Mail Fraud Is On the Rise, Consider Alternatives to Mailing Physical Checks


Federal, state and local authorities are reporting that mail theft is on the rise. Thieves are stealing mail in order to obtain checks that they then wash, alter, forge, etc. in an effort to defraud. This is happening with both personal mailboxes as well as mailboxes at the U.S. Postal Service. The USPS advises that the best practice to avoid theft is to walk your checks into the Post Office and deposit inside. The credit union has seen members experience theft of checks via the mail and urges members to consider alternatives. 

Alternatives to mailing checks:

  • Establish ACH payments with your creditors. ACH is safe, fast and in most cases free. 
  • Utilize Online Bill Pay for Electronic Payments. Not all bill payments are sent electronically, but those that are sent via paper check are safer because NONE of your account information is exposed the way it is when using personal checks. 
  • Instead of mailing check deposits, consider  using mobile deposit. It is one of the safest channels to deposit a check.