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New Credit Card Program Toolkit & FAQ


Credit cards were mailed to members beginning on February 1, 2021.

Online Credit Card Management

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Q: Will the card numbers change?

Yes, the card numbers will change to a new card number. However, co-borrowers/joint cardholders will still have the same card number as the primary cardholder.

Q: Will you have to update all of your automatic payments?

Since Visa currently has an account updater program, the transactions follow the cardholder and not necessarily the card number. Therefore, most automatic payments will go through without issue and the new card credentials will be passed to the vendor for use. There are some instances where this may not work, but for the most part there shouldn’t be many issues with recurring transactions going through.

Q: Will I need to send my credit card payments somewhere else?

Yes, you will need to send their credit card payments to a new lock box address:

Merck Employees FCU PO Box 37603 Philadelphia PA 19101-0603 You can also pay by phone, through our new online platform, or our new mobile app dedicated to our credit cards.

Q: Will I still use EZ Card Info?

No, you will now use a different site to access your credit card information on the computer. You can get to it directly from our website (

Members can also access their accounts through our new mobile app for credit cards. To access the mobile app, please see the links above. The Apple App Store app is available now, the Google Play Store app will be available in the coming weeks.

Q: Do I still call the VIP line?

No, you will not call the VIP line any longer for card related issues. You can contact dedicated member service representatives at the following phone numbers based on the type of card you have:

Traditional: 866-599-6662

Signature: 866-599-6665

If you are out of the US, you can call collect to 727-299-2449

The above phone numbers can be used for anything credit card related. Q: Am I still getting cash back or ScoreCard Reward points?

Both of the new Visa cards will be earning 1.5 points per dollar spent. Those points can be converted to cash back, gift cards, travel or merchandise. The rewards program we will be using is called CU Rewards and can be accessed directly through “Access Point” on our website or online banking.

Q: Will the rates be changing on our credit cards?

All converting card members will be starting in our lowest rate tier, Prime +5.00%, currently at 8.25% which is lower than our current card program.

New cardholder rates will be priced based on an individual’s creditworthiness and ability to repay, along with other underwriting criteria.

Q: Are there any fees related to the new credit card?

There will be a late fee assessed on late payments. The fee is $10 and will be assessed when the member is 20 days past the due date.

There will be a cash advance fee of 3% and a balance transfer fee of 3%.

Q: Will the due date on the new credit cards be changing?

No, the due date will remain the 10th of the month. The same as it is for the current card program.