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Are You Ready for Yearend?

The end of year creates a flurry of activity at the credit union. Many members are preparing for the holidays and utilizing their credit union accounts to buy gift cards as presents. Others are also looking to make the most of their hard-earned …

Scam alert

Watch Out for These Holiday Fraud Threats

It’s no coincidence that the busiest season for shopping coincides with the highest period for fraud. Every day, fraudsters target consumers with an array of legitimate seeming propositions. But during the holidays, fraudsters make extra efforts to …

Fraud alert

Caution: Mail Fraud Is On the Rise, Consider Alternatives to Mailing Physical Checks

Federal, state and local authorities are reporting that mail theft is on the rise. Thieves are stealing mail in order to obtain checks that they then wash, alter, forge, etc. in an effort to defraud. This is happening with both personal mailboxes as …

Fraud alert

How To Protect Yourself from Scammers and 'Check Washing'

ABC News’ Whit Johnson shares new warnings about “check washing,” where criminals steal checks from the mail, remove the ink and then forge fake information to cash in the money. As a member of Merck Employees FCU, you should make yourself …

Credit union news

Member Appreciation Season Happening Now

Since 2019, the credit union has celebrated the loyalty of its members during the last few months of each year. Now in its fourth year, our Member Appreciation Season will kick off on October 1, with sweepstakes for some amazing giveaways like a 65" …